A gobsmacking gem packed museum of nostalgia, culture and awesomeness. Every nook and cranny is lovingly filled with trinkets and treasures from history. It's clearly a labour of love from Stella, she seemed delighted to hear our enthusiastic positive feedback upon exit. If you are nearby do not miss this place!!
A labyrinth of passageways filled to brimming with allsorts of things that we remember from the past. From what we played with, washed with or worked with, and so much more.
Within every inch of this place there is a treasure to behold!
This is a truly remarkable museum. Stella is to be applauded and thanked for a life-time of collecting that gives us today an amazing view into times only recently gone-by. It's priceless collection of vintage and everyday "stuff" that is perhaps not fully appreciated for the treasure trove it represents for us and for future generations.
We really enjoyed this; reliving our childhood through this marvellously curated museum. You will find curiosities long forgotten that bring back lovely memories.
This museum, tucked away on a small road behind the A49, is an absolute delight. It contains many exhibits which will make people of a certain age relive their youths and those who still have time on their side learn a bit of recent history. There's so much to see: it's an incredible collection, not to be missed.
It is simply fascinating - the sort of exhibition you could visit again and again and again and find something new every time, because there must be around a million items on show!
Marvelous organised jumble of memorabilia. Something of interest almost every step of the way...

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